Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company is a new local craft beer brewery located in Croydon, PA. Yes, we do use Neshaminy Creek water in all our brews.

Neshaminy Creek Blitzkrieg Hops Double IPA

ABV: 9%
Seasonal Availability: January-June

With the amount of IPAs brewed here in the States you’d think that there’s only one way to skin a cat. While the West Coast style has long dominated the style, there’s a world of IPAs you should explore, and Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA wouldn’t be a bad start. Blitzkrieg is a big, 9% ABV, juicy, earthy hopped English-style double IPA brewed entirely with English malts, hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast strain. Brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, and hopped with Admiral, Pilgrim, Phoenix, and Target hops; all big, juicy, high alpha English hops that we thought needed a lil’ love, each of which is over 10% alpha acid.  Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA is our homage to the birthplace of the IPA as well as the band that inspired its name.

Neshaminy Creek Bourbon Barrel Aged Leon Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 12.8%
Seasonal Availability: Year-round

Aged for six months in bourbon barrels, this version of Leon, our Russian Imperial Stout, is brewed with handmade marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, and bittersweet baker’s chocolate and is markedly different than its original.  The extended time spent maturing has allowed the bittersweet chocolate and hops to give way to a more robust malt character that pairs well with vanilla and oak characteristics imparted from the bourbon barrels, as well as a little extra kick.  While six months may be a long time to wait for a beer, we think it was well worth it and hope you agree.

Neshaminy Creek Chuchville Lager

ABV: 4.9%
Seasonal Availability: Year Round

Pennsylvania breweries are known for world-class lagers, and this 2013 Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal winning Vienna-style, no fuss amber lager is clean, crisp, and brewed with Munich, and Vienna malts that give it a touch of malt backbone and toast-like character. Hopped exclusively with German Tettnanger hops, it’s got enough hop bitterness to counter that malt backbone as well. Lagered for six-weeks, Churchville Lager comes in at 4.9% ABV, and is the perfect beer for a night out with friends, and family, or the holiday BBQ. Don’t be afraid to order the new ‘Lager’ in town.

Neshaminy Creek Croydon Cream Ale

ABV: 4.2%
Seasonal Availability: Year Round

Often called your typical American lawnmower beer, cream ales are not unlike their American light lager cousin. Brewed with American 2 & 6 Row Barley, Flaked Maize, a touch of Munich malt, and of course, sugar, Croydon Cream Ale is light, refreshing, and easy to drink. We also use American Cluster and Czech Saaz hops that give it a touch of hop bitterness and a hint of floral aromatics.

Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA

ABV: 6.6%
Seasonal Availability: Year Round

Our search for a location to start this brewery took us across much of Lower Bucks County, many times traveling down the well known divider between northern Philadelphia, southern Bucks, and Montgomery counties, County Line Road. One of the original names we thought of for the brewery was that of County Line Brewing. We don’t know how or why we didn’t settle on that name, but in recognition of our location so close to Philadelphia and that potential namesake, we decided to pass the name on to our flagship IPA which comes in at 6.6% ABV and is chock full of Warrior, Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe, and Centennial hops. It’s got a bready malt backbone to counter some of that hop bitterness, but not so much that this five hop combination won’t put a smile on your face. Dry hopped for nearly two weeks, County Line IPA has a lingering hop bitterness showing a complexity of resinous pine notes, citrusy lemon, and grapefruit that many IPAs on the East Coast lack.

Neshaminy Creek Highwater Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.2%

Neshaminy Creek J.A.W.N.

ABV: 5.2%
Seasonal Availability: Year-round

It goes without saying that if you’ve spent any time in and around the Philly area you undoubtedly have heard your fair share of Philly slang and local colloquialism.  Some things just scream ‘Philly’ so bad, it almost hurts.   Anyone familiar with our Head Brewer knows he’s got a fondness for the linguistic arts as well.  Whether it be his loud, booming Jersey/Philly accent cutting across the room, or his late night drunken German, there’s no doubting his love for the sound of the spoken word of any native tongue.  He’s also got a fondness for easy drinking, hoppy beers.  What do you get when you put the together?  J.A.W.N. – Juicy Ale With Nugget.  This 5.2% ABV American Pale Ale is malty, yet crisp, and is loaded with dank citrus, as well as tropical and stone fruit flavor and aroma from the gratuitous use of Nugget and Zythos hops.

Neshaminy Creek Milk Stout

ABV: 6.5%
Seasonal Availability: Winter

Our Winter stout offering is brewed with a hefty amount of 2-Row barley, as well as Victory, Munich, and Carapils malt. We round it out with some lactose sugar and flaked oats for sweetness and body. While the hops in this beer certainly don’t play a central role, we balance all that malt with a good dose of East Kent Goldings, Fuggles, and Wilamette hops. 6.5% ABV.

Neshaminy Creek Neshaminator

German Wheat Bock

ABV: 8.5%

Neshaminy Creek The Shape of Hops to Come

ABV: 8.5%
Seasonal Availability: July-December

“Can I scream….” for more hops? You sure can. Two row American barley jammed packed with as much Apollo, Newport, Simcoe, Topaz, and Citra hops we could get our hands on, The Shape of Hops to Come is an 8.5% ABV American-styled imperial IPA hopped with Apollo, Newport, Simcoe, Topaz, and Citra hops that’s got a ton of bitterness, along with juicy, dank resiny pine-like, and citrus forward hop character that is worthy of it’s name. Dry hopped for two weeks this hop bomb has as much hop power we can muster!

Neshaminy Creek Trauger Pilsner

ABV: 4.8%
Seasonal Availability: Year-round

Our Pilsner is assertively hopped with Hallertau and Tettnanger noble hops and has a cracker-like malt backbone that finishes crisp and dry coming in at 4.8% ABV. We named this beer in honor of the Trauger family of Bucks County whose descendants came to America in 1747 and were among some of the earliest German immigrants to the area. In 1756, Johann Christian and Ludwig Wilhelm Trauger purchased two adjoining farmsteads in Nockamixon Township and have been a part of the fabric of this county, state, and country ever since. Ironically enough, the Trauger family’s German heritage predates the introduction and widespread popularity of the Pilsner style, but nonetheless, this beer is brewed and named in their honor.

Neshaminy Creek Tribute Tripel

ABV: 9.3%
Seasonal Availability: Year-round

“This is the greatest and best song (beer) in the world… Tribute.” Not only are we huge Tenacious D fans, but we’re also huge Belgian Tripel fans, so this is our “Tribute”. Brewed with a whole lot of Pilsen malt, Hallertau and Saaz hops, as well a pinch of coriander and bitter orange peel, Tribute has a soft malt backbone that’s paired with a fruity, citrusy flavor, and spicy, yet not over done phenolic character imparted from our use of an authentic Belgian yeast strain. At 9.3% ABV the alcohol is well hidden and very deceptive, and the dry finish will leave you eager for more.

Leon Russian Imperial Stout


ABV: 11.6%

Leon is a big beer. So big, it has twice as much malt as any other beer we brew.. On top of the copious amounts of two row barley, Munich, Victory, Chocolate, Black Patent, and Caramel 80 malt in this beer each 15 barrel brew has 50 pounds of freshly in-house handmade marshmallow fluff as well as 16 pounds of bittersweet bakers chocolate, and 30 pounds of crumbled graham crackers. Leon clocks in at just over 80 IBUs and 11.6% ABV. Does it taste like a Smore’s? That’s for you to decide, but either way this is one fun beer to make, not to mention drink.

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