We are now equipped with a compressed natural gas (CNG) station on site.

CNG Fleet

With our fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius' LT Verrastro
saves over 300 gallons of gas per week.

Going Green

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LT Verrastro has over 270,000 square feet of warehouse storage.
We are the largest distributor in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


Welcome to LT Verrastro

L.T. Verrastro, Inc. was founded in 1968 and over the years has steadily grown into a company with over 130 full-time employees. Our area of distribution includes the eight counties that comprise the Greater Pocono Northeast, including major cities Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Stroudsburg. Within our geographical area we sell and service directly to On-Premise customers, Deli/Grocers, and Off-Premise retail D Distributors — each and every week. As a full-time beverage distributor, we also have a non-alcoholic division that services Northeastern, PA convenience stores, gas stations, grocery chains, and big box outlets.

We are proud to represent 19 Craft brewers, 15 Importers, 5 Cider Companies, 2 Major, and 2 Regional Domestic brewers. With an eye toward quality and long-term growth for the brands we represent, we have found that diligent service and relentless support is truly the key to our success.

Going Green

At LT Verrastro, “Going Green” is much more than just a saying. We are fully committed to reducing our footprint on the environment.
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Tour the LT Verrastro Facility

Welcome to LT Verrastro. Did someone say we need more room? Want to see the new location? Take a virtual tour and see how we have improved our facilities.
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Upcoming Events

We are always involved with something at LT Verrastro. Get together with friends, enjoy a drink and know where the action will be.
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