Going Green

Helping to Sustain the Environment

Our new offices and warehouse were built while being conscious of the environment.

Recycling Initiative:

  • Our recycling initiatives which reduced our landfill footprint by 75% consisted of installation of the following equipment:
    • Aluminum can densifier
    • Glass bottle crusher
    • Cardboard & Paper recycling balers

Recycling Statistics:

  • Since the start of our “Green Initiative” in 2013, L.T. Verrastro Inc. has recycled:
    • 15 tons of Aluminum
    • 100 tons of Corrugated Waste
    • 50 tons of Plastic Wrap
    • 70 tons of Glass
    • 10 tons of Office Waste (Paper)
    • That’s over 200 tons in under 3 years!!

Green Projects

  • Compressed Natural Gas Station
  • High bay lighting utilizing fluorescent T8 light bulbs
  • Skylights in ambient areas
  • Refrigeration using efficient ECM fan motors
  • All lighting is motion activated and is timed to shut off after a short period of inactivity
  • Our fuel efficiency initiatives include:
    • Reduced truck miles by utilizing larger trucks and loading more products per truck. This initiative reduced our number of deliveries by 10%.
    • Introduced Hybrid, fuel efficient electric cars to our fleet.

LT Verrastro Inc is committed to doing its part to protect the environment.
We took a Green Initiative in 2012 and will continue this focus for years to come.