Stella Artois

All natural ingredients give Stella Artois a clean, crisp palate. The fresh, pale malt aromas offer a sweet herbal note and a lingering hoppy finish.

Stella is made with traditonal malted barley and the finest European hops to provide superior quality and its full characteristic flavor. The history of Stella Artois can be traced back to 1366 in Leuven, Belgium. To celebrate the Christmas season, the Artois Brewery introduced a special beer they called stella(star) because of its exceptional clarity. Demand was so great, the brewery soon turned this special seasonal into its year-round flagship. Stella Artois has been a world classic ever since. Introduced in the USA in 1999, Stella Artois is the golden standard of European lagers. Stella Artois is brewed with the finest European Hops and malt mead with the traditional floor-malting method.

Stella Artois

ABV: 5.00%
Carbs: 12.8
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: Meat (Poultry, Fish, Shellfish)
Brewery: Stella Artois
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Euro Pale Lager

A fine, golden pilsner lager, originally brewed as a Christmas beer in Leuven, Belgium. Named Stella after the Christmas Star and Artois after Sebastian Artois who founded the brewery, it is a beer brewed to 5% ABV using the original Stella Artois yeast and the unique taste of Saaz hops. It is a beer that manages to balance a fuller flavor with a clean crisp taste to make it an exceptional premium lager.

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