In 1846 Francesco Peroni moved to Vigevano, where he opened a small brewery. Its beer is sold in a local next to the factory. After the first few years, thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of John Peroni, eighteen year old son of Francis, the company extends its success to the rest of Italy: in 1864 inaugurated the Rome office.


ABV: 4.7 %

Category: Import

Beverage Type: Lager

Is the Italian Peroni lager brewed with passion since 1846 and designed by John Peroni to offer Italians a high quality beer, flavor round and balanced, with a perfect balance between sweet and bitter.  Peroni is produced in fact, now as then, only with selected ingredients such as malt 100% Italian, the result of a special quality of barley grown under our sun and followed carefully at all stages of growth.  The quality is a passion all Italian, Peroni also.

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