Miller High Life

Over 150 years ago, a young brewer named Fredrick Miller came to america equipped with German brewing know-how and a dream of bringing quality beer to the masses. In 1903, his dream was realized with Miller High Life. The iconic girl in the moon logo gave us a face, and a lasting tagline captured our distinctive liquid.

Miller High Life

ABV: 5%
Category: Domestic
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: American Adjunct Lager

There’s a whole lot of tradition that goes into making Miller High Life. We brew the golden pilsner with the yeast our founder brought over from Germany, light stable galena hops from the pacific northwest, and a select combination of malted barley. This combination made it a favorite in 1903, and it remains one today.

Miller High Life Light

ABV: 4.1%

Introduced in 1994, Miller High Life Light is the low-calorie version of Miller High Life, offering the same unpretentious attitude with fewer calories.

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