The Heineken the world drinks today is still brewed using the original, unrivalled recipe invented three generation ago by the Heineken Family. Its mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma, bright color, and exceptional clarity are obtained using only the purest water, hops, and barley malt. No additives are added to any Heineken products. Heineken does not use any wheat in their recipe. They also have a policy of not using GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) raw materials.

Brewed in Holland, this Dutch-style lager is smooth, elegant, crisp, and balanced.

Heineken – the quintessential lager with a unique fruity character and mild bitterness. The brew perfected by Gerard Heineken back in 1873 and Heineken is still made in exactly the same way today… the finest barley, water and hops are combined with the secret Heineken A-yeast and revolutionary brewing technology to create the distinctive taste of Heineken


ABV: 5.40%
Calories: 150
Carbs: 12
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: Pasta with cheese or white sauce, ham, sausage, smoked meat or fish.
Brewery: Heineken Nederland B.V.
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Euro Pale Lager

The adoption of the bottom-fermenting brewing process, and the use of the best raw materials, gives Heineken a distinctive European taste.

Heineken Dark

ABV: 5.1
Calories: 170
Carbs: 16
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: Shellfish, chocolate, smoked salmon, corned beef and hearty stews.
Brewery: Heineken
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Euro Dark Lager

Heineken’s Special Dark Beer is reddish-amber in color, surprisingly light-bodied for a dark beer & very well-balanced.

Heineken Light

ABV: 3.50%
Calories: 99
Carbs: 6.8
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: burgers, pizza.
Brewery: Heineken Netherland B.V.
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Light Lager

Enjoy the premium quality you’ve come to expect from Heineken, with a light, refreshing taste that’s surprisingly smooth.

Heineken Heritage Variety

Heineken Holland’s Heritage Limited Edition Lager features the following assortment: Heineken Tarwebok, Heineken Dark, Heineken Lager and Heineken Light. Heineken Tarwebok has the full-bodied taste of dark malted barley and carefully selected wheat malt. The subtle sweetness and fruitiness of the Heineken A-yeast and the well blended bitterness make Heineken Tarwebok a “bokbier” with a lively yet accessible taste. Heineken Dark is a refreshing dark lager with a distinctive dark color and subtle “carmel” colored foam. The combination of dark malted barley and carmel malt, the subtle fruitiness of the Heineken A-yeast and a mild hop bitterness, gives Heineken Dark Lager a smooth, accessible and balanced taste.

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