From the beginning, Corona has been about connections – people coming together, strangers becoming friends, and old friends becoming even closer. Because Corona is more than just a beer. It represents a philosophy of living in the moment that has been embraced around the world.

We try not to complicate things. That’s why we made Corona so easy to drink. It’s why we use a clear, see-through bottle. Because when you use only the finest ingredients, you’ve got nothing to hide.

In the end, there are beers, and then there’s Corona.
Others may try to copy it, or look like it, but there is only one original.

Corona Extra

ABV: 4.6
Calories: 148
Carbs: 14
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: Grilled Fish, sushi, pasta, pizza, spicy foods.
Brewery: Grupo Modelo S.A.
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: American Lager

The unmistakable color. The one of a kind taste. The unparalleled flavor of relaxation. All in one of the most recognizable bottles in the world. There’s something about drinking a Corona Extra that’s different from drinking any other beer. Nothing else seems to set the same mood. Nothing else lets the conversation flow so easily between friends. Nothing else brings such a natural energy to an occasion.

Corona Light

ABV: 4.5%
Calories: 105
Carbs: 5
Category: Imports
Food Pairing: Sweet or vinegary barbecue or picnic foods.
Brewery: Grupo Modelo S.A.
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Light Lager

It’s pleaseant fruit-honey malt aroma and distinctive hop flavor make it a great choice for any food pairing.

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