The Tetley’s name has been synonymous with the brewing of high quality ales for almost two centuries. Today, these centuries of experience are combined with the latest brewing technology to provide a range of ales to meet all of the needs of the modern day ale drinker. From traditional style ales such as Tetley’s Mild and Tetley’s Cask, to modern style smooth ales such as Tetley’s Smoothflow, we provide a range of high quality ales for every occasion.

Tetley’s is involved at all levels of rugby with high profile sponsorships of Northampton Saints, Sale Sharks, Leeds Tykes, Saracens and Worcestor Warriors, along with sponsorship deals within Welsh and Scottish club rugby.

Tetley’s English Ale

ABV: 3.8%
Category: Import
Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Beverage Type: Pale Ale

We combine centuries of experience with the latest brewing technology to create ales to suit all the tastes of the modern ale drinker such as Tetley’s Original English Ale. Tetley’s Original is the No. 2 in the UK ale sector with an ABV of 3.8%. It has been brewed in Leeds since 1822 and to this day we still use traditional brewing methods, such as dry hopping of cask ales and Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels. Tetley’s Original is a traditional style ale with a full-bodied hoppy flavour and a refreshing crispness on the palate.

Brewed in Yorkshire, England, Tetley’s English Ale has been England’s best-kept secret since 1822. The perfect blend of premium barley from England’s golden cornfields, selected hops and mineral-rich water from deep below the Yorkshire Dales. With modern technology, opening of the can triggers the release of Nitrogen from a floating widget to ensure you get the same dense creamy head for the deliciously smoothness with a mellow, malty flavour. Devouring Tetley’s English Ale is reminiscent of enjoying a Tetley’s fresh from a tap in an English Pub!

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